Had Good Service Lately?

Ever walked out of a store or restaurant and thought, “Wow.  That was really great.”  Being part of the retail and service industry, I notice where other businesses could step up or where they really shine.  I expect businesses to provide service (it’s what they do) and those that go out of their way to give exceptional service really make a mark on me.

Unfortunately, I come across more companies that need improvement in some way.  We are a service nation and most companies still haven’t learned how to respond to the service needs of the customer.  Needs are only half met in most cases (i.e. you can’t find someone to help you), but we are so used to it that it surprises us when we get good service.  Good customer service should be the norm, not the exception.

Just like tasting chocolate, you need to sample a variety of things to figure out what you like and what is good.  I learn from both sides of the service spectrum and apply the best stuff to my business practices.  When something good happens to me I will tell friends about it and would definitely use the company again.  I base my own customer service off the great encounters I have with other companies, which makes for a high standard!  I mean it when I say Drexelius Chocolates is here for you.  I am at your service.

What company has given you a memorable experience?  I’d like to know if I’ve tried them, too.  I’m also eager to find out how you let others know about companies you love.

Read a few things about what others have said about Drexelius Chocolates here

Have you ordered from Drexelius Chocolates to try the incredible chocolate or get a gift delivered or been to one of our fantastic chocolate tastings?  Post a review here or send me an e-mail at info@drexeliuschocolates.com and let me know how I’m doing.  It’s greatly appreciated!

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