Winter Fancy Food Show 2010

This past weekend we were off to San Francisco for fun and frolic at the NASFT Winter Fancy Food show where I discovered some new tastes while eating myself silly!  I love San Francisco and to have the show in this wonderful city is just icing on the cake.  Are you are interested in exploring new food or finding out what new things are being tried with food?  Then this show is for you.  If you do go, some first-time tips are to wear good shoes and be ready for crowds.

It would be hard for me to share everything I saw, ate and did over the weekend because there is so much at the show, but here are a few highlights from the weekend:

Beer! They finally had beer at the show.  It was only a small section and a handful of breweries, but it’s a start.  I kind of got the feeling that some people were just hanging around the beer area instead of cruising the show floor 🙂

One of the breweries, Dogfish Head, makes a beer from Askinosie cocoa powder and nibs.  They didn’t have the brew at the show so we’ll just have to enjoy the Askinosie Davao bar we carry with some beer!

Bacon! Yes, bacon is still big this year.  Bacon salt, bacon popcorn, bacon cooked in the microwave, bacon pretzels and bacon brittle to name a few of the offerings.  I guess people are still craving their salt.  Why not get your salt with some yummy chocolate like in BruCo’s Salt bar or Nirvana’s Sea Salt and Caramel?  Get the best of both worlds in these customer favorites.

Chocolate! What would a Fancy Food Show be without chocolate?  I sampled a good amount of truffles, fudge, brownies, gelato, flavored bars and chocolate at the show.  I tasted some great stuff and also wanted to spit some out.  Are my standards too high?  No.  I just expect my chocolate to taste great, which is why people buy from Drexelius Chocolates.  You’ll get the best chocolate in the world when you buy from us!

Make sure to check the Drexelius Chocolates site over the next few weeks.  We’re already ordering some of these wonderful, delicious chocolates to add to our already incredible line-up.  Don’t miss out!

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