Vegan Chocolate

I get asked this question quite a bit.  Does Drexelius Chocolates have vegan chocolate?

Yes!  Does it say it on the packaging?  Not always.  How do I know it is vegan if there is no vegan label?

A vegan does not eat anything of animal origin (i.e. butter, milk, gelatin, etc).  Some vegans carry this over into their lifestyle and do not use or purchase anything that is made of animal products (i.e. leather, lanolin, beeswax).

Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, which is a plant.  The basic ingredients that make up quality chocolate are simple:  cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, lecithin.  No animal products here!

It should be easy to find a dairy-free vegan chocolate, but some chocolate bars include artificial fillers and milk products that would throw vegans for a loop:  butterfat, lactose, etc.

Another thing to consider is if the chocolate maker uses the same facility and equipment to process milk chocolate bars.  Some vegans would find this to be too close for comfort.  One company in the UK is working to remedy this situation.  Plamil is using a modernized vegan logo, which is displayed here.  The logo, along with a statement that says, “may contain milk/eggs/fish” is being used to help assure its customers that their products are made to the highest vegan standards.

So, like we’ve discussed before, make sure to read the ingredients on your chocolate bar to make sure you are getting good stuff.  Or simply buy your chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates.  We carry the best chocolate on the planet and filter out the junk for you 🙂

***Also check out the post on sugar in chocolate to make sure your chocolate is vegan (view post here)

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