Amano Chocolate + Starbucks!

On my recent trip to San Francisco, I had the pleasure of stopping at the Amano Chocolate booth.   Art Pollard was there and we talked the chocolate company’s new arrangement with Starbucks.  I asked how that would work for such a small chocolate maker?   He said he would have to see.   There are only so many beans to make so many bars.   Even though Starbucks is a big nationwide distributor, he knows there are only so many chocolate bars to go around.

Which is why Amano is not offering all their bars in the Starbucks stores.   That would be a big undertaking for a small, hands-on artisan chocolate maker.   The only bars being sold at Starbucks locations are the Madagascar dark and Ocumare milk bars.  All Amano bars will still be available through specialty retailers, like Drexelius Chocolates.

Drexelius Chocolates has been proud a supporter of Amano Chocolate since we started offering a selection of the finest chocolate in the world back in 2007 (which happens to be right after Amano became available to the public in 2006).   Click on the image below to read more about this wonderful company and enjoy their award-winning chocolate today:

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