Amano Dos Rios and Amano Guayas

Wow.  Amano’s Dos Rios and Guayas bars remind you how different bars can be.  Two bars.  Two countries.  Taste the difference.

Dos Rios hails from the Dominican Republic.  Art preserved the natural flavors of these special Dominican beans by skillfully working with the chocolate and developing new techniques to highlight their incredible flavor.  When I tasted this bar the first time I was amazed at it’s boldness and was determined to bring it on board.

Dos Rios tasting notes:  The image on the box tells a lot about is inside.  This bar is not holding anything back.  It is bold and sets your taste buds alive with flavor.  I was hit with an initial spiciness, which mellowed out to a delicious dance of orange and spice.  The flavors light up the chocolate without overpowering it.  Good finish.

Guayas comes from a coastal region of Ecuador.  I had to take this bar for a second spin before I really appreciated it.   Art (the man behind the delicious bars at Amano Chocolate) says the beans in the Guayas bar come from pure Nacional beans, which are hard to come by and are a part of Ecuador’s cocoa heritage.  When you enjoy this bar, you are tasting a part of Ecuador’s history.

Guayas tasting notes:  This bar is not trying to force itself on you and knows you are there to take pleasure in the experience.  So it sits back and gives a little, then entices you with more.  The texture flows with a smooth silkiness and the flavors delicately play on your tongue.  Behind the chocolate flavor there are complex notes…the only one I could pinpoint with any certainty was berries, dark berries.  Others have noted floral notes, spice and smoke, but I mainly tasted berry.  Guess I’ll have to taste it again!

So how do you like your chocolate?  Try these and many more wonderful chocolate bars now at Drexelius Chocolates.  They’re ready for your taste approval.

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