Bubble Chocolate – Review

I love getting surprises.  Especially if it’s chocolate.  Some people think that since I read, review and taste a lot of chocolate that it must be hard to surprise me or give me chocolate as a gift.  How wrong they are!

There are types of chocolate that might only available overseas because of limited distribution.  Or maybe I haven’t gotten my hands on it (yet).  Thankfully, my boyfriend knows that he can always give me chocolate.  He’s done a fantastic job of surprising me with chocolate gifts.

In fact, he was the one who brought me the Kit Kat Dark.  (Read the review here).  He also found the Reese’s Dark when I was having trouble getting my hands on it (reviewed here).  A few nights ago he surprised me again with a bar of 60% dark Bubble Chocolate.  Thanks, babe!

It looks like a large bar, but is very light since it is full of bubbles as you can see here.  Some have said the Bubble Bar is “very creamy and sweet” and that it has a “fudgy consistency.”  I would have to differ.  The bar’s aroma brings powdered cocoa to mind -> yes, there is the smell of chocolate, but it is sweet and flat.  The bar also doesn’t have the rich taste or mouthfeel of chocolate.  It breaks apart and disintegrates as the air bubbles collapse leaving a chocolate residue for you to enjoy.  Sound yummy?  Not for me.  Different – yes.  Tasty – no.  Besides, do I really want to eat flavored air?  No.  Let’s have the real thing!

Ingredients:  Cocoa mass, sugar powder, cocoa butter, lecithin (emulsifier), vanilla.

Instead of taking time to pump air into the bar, the maker should worry more about flavor like the chocolate makers at Drexelius Chocolates -> where you can enjoy some truly delicious chocolate and aren’t paying for air!

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