Rivera – Pretty as a Picture

For our friend Craig’s belated birthday, we told him to pick a place to celebrate.  He picked Rivera restaurant in Los Angeles, where they serve modern Latin cuisine.  The food is moderately pricey and very pretty.  Their designer drinks will do a number on you and your wallet.  Of course, I was most excited about dessert because that’s when the chocolate comes to the table!

We picked three desserts:

1)  bizcocho de avellana, which they described as hazelnut-chocolate sponge with orange-cava sorbet.  It looked like a fancy Oreo cookie with two chocolate cakes surrounding the sorbet.  It was topped with citrus foam and a tuft of spun sugar.  Very pretty.  The sponge was pretty thick, more like dense cake and the sorbet slid, which made it hard to share.  We had to get out a knife to cut it apart.  All in all, this was a very yummy dessert.

2)  crema catalana was our second dessert choice.  This is the Catalan version of crème brulée.  Good thing we had our friend Amy with us.  She is a self-proclaimed afficianado of crème brulée and we gave her first crack at it.  Since she didn’t wince or make a face we all dove in and enjoyed the wonderful dish.  Not too sweet and they did a great job carmelizing the sugar on top -> very crispy.  Again, a wonderful dessert.

3)  torta xocolata was the one I really wanted to get from the minute we sat down at the table.  It is their chocolate torte with drunken pineapple.  When it comes to the table it is beautifully plated.  I didn’t even take a second for a photo so the one you see here is the carnage afterward.  The torte is rich, thick and has a wonderful chocolate flavor.  The pineapple lends a soft sweetness and rounds out the dish wonderfully.  Delish!

So if you are near the Staples Center in LA and are looking for some good eats, Rivera won’t disappoint.  I would come back just for the desserts 🙂

In the meantime, buy the world’s finest chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates.  You can enjoy them anywhere!

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