Chocolate Pizza!

Every day is a good day for chocolate.  This week we had National Pizza Pie Day.  Only as a kid do you imagine a world where pizza and chocolate come together in harmony.  Well, when you have Claudio Corallo nibs at your disposal it becomes a little easier.

I talked about these nibs just the other day in this post (here) and gave a few ways to enjoy them.  Then I was over at my boyfriend’s house.  His stepdad was making pizza and I suggested nibs as a topping.  Why not?  They are nutty, chocolatey and delicious.  Bread and chocolate are yummy.  Cheese and chocolate are yummy.  Let’s give it a try 🙂

So he spinkled some nibs on a few pieces and cooked it up.  You can see in the photo that the nibs look a lot like spices and you would never know they were chocolate unless you were told so.  They give a little crunch and chocolatey nuttiness to the pizza, but don’t overwhelm in any way.  Glad we got a chance to try this.

Have you tried nibs in something that you found to be delicious?  Or not so good?  Would love to know.  In the meantime, buy some Claudio Corallo nibs from Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy them today!

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