Oh, Nuts…I Mean Almonds!

February 16 is National Almond Day.  I’m crazy for almonds.  They are just so nutterific!  I love them raw, roasted, toasted, shaved, chopped…love, love, love ’em.

The almond tree thrives here in California.  It was brought here by the missions, but was abandoned when the missions were closed.  It was brought back in the mid 19th century and continues to enjoy a happy home here to this day.

Almonds not only taste good.  They are good for you, too:

    High in monounsaturated (the good fats), just like chocolate and olive oil
    Have high protein content…1/4 cup of almonds has more protein than an egg (7.62 grams v 5.54 grams)
    High in antioxidant Vitamin E and manganese, which helps with energy production
    Contains more magnesium than oatmeal or spinach
    and more…

Dolfin Grilled Almond

What, you ask, would happen if you pair this wonderful almond with decadent dark chocolate?  Well, you’d get a delicious powerhouse!

It just so happens that we have a dark chocolate bar with almonds in stock at Drexelius Chocolates.  Order it today and enjoy all the benefits of these two wonder foods together in one delicious bar by Dolfin.  Dolfin grills the almonds, which gives an exciting new taste twist for an old favorite.  Buy a bar today and get ready for the Almond Day festivities!

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