Claudio Corallo Chocolate – New Arrivals

Hang on to your tastebuds!  Claudio Corallo has been hard at work and the rewards are big.  Two fantastic arrivals are currently in stock and you’ll want to take advantage of them if you love:

  • Claudio Corallo’s wonderful mellow, earthy chocolate
  • ginger
  • raisins
  • cherries
  • great food!

The chocolate I just got in stock is very time-consuming and requires Claudio to devote precious hours to their creation.  Savor these morsels of delight!

First up are the Ginger Spheres.  Each box contains 30 spheres of crystallized ginger, which is covered in 100% pure Claudio Corallo gourmet chocolate.  The spicy sweetness is balanced by the earthy chocolate.  Fab-u-lous!

Next we have the jewel that is Ubric, fondly known by me as Tipsy Raisin.  Claudio infuses ripe raisins with a Morello cherry distillation, where they get a little tipsy.  It also plumps up the texture and gives a sour note to the sweet raisin.  The raisins are then added to the earthy bio-dynamic chocolate for a taste explosion.  Ka-blam!  Fun for the whole family 🙂

Let’s take advantage of our delicious good fortune!  Order these and other Claudio Corallo items online now at Drexelius Chocolates.

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