Cocoa Flavanol Agreement Signed

Our beloved cocoa bean naturally has compounds called flavanols. These are also found in other foods and beverages, such as cranberries, apples, peanuts, onions, tea and red wine.  Flavanols have been linked to health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and increased blood flow to the brain.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could check the contents of your food to see how many of these wonderful little flavanols you are actually getting?  Well, soon it might be easier to identify flavanols when you are making some 0f your shopping purchases.

How so?  An agreement has been signed between Barry Callebaut AG and Mars, Inc.  in efforts to “progress toward creating a commonly used standard for measuring useful flavanols in food, broadening acceptance and availability of flavanol-containing products with guaranteed flavanol content.”

Chocolate is part of my everyday diet and this is interesting news.  I already know that the more the chocolate is processed, the more beneficial flavonoids are lost.  Most commercial chocolates fit this category, which is why I only enjoy the very best chocolate by small chocolate makers.  Drexelius Chocolates carries only the finest gourmet chocolate by the world’s best small chocolate makers.  These small chocolate makers tend to their chocolate, many from farmer to bar, to ensure the quality and flavor of the chocolate is uncompromised.  Chocolate that makes you say, “Wow.”

Taste, enjoy, savor…and reap the benefits of those heart-healthy flavanols without worrying if they’ve been over-processed right out of the bar.

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