Chocolate Peeps Show

Easter is almost here and that means it is time for Peeps.  I get a kick out of Peeps.  They are a fun shape and come in wonderful, bright colors.  I love to take a Peep chick and pop the whole thing in my mouth.  It may be hard to talk for a few seconds, but fun just the same.

Now the company that makes Peeps has made chocolate covered Peeps.  They have milk and dark chocolate, but I could only find the milk chocolate.  Marshmallow and chocolate go very well together so I was excited to try this.  The marshmallow itself is disappointing.  It is not light and spongey, but wet, moist and gooey.  Yuck.  The chocolate shell is a cheap waxy chocolate.  The chocolate and marshmallow don’t taste good together at all.  My tongue was attacked by the sugar onslaught and there is a lingering aftertaste that I was eager to wash away.  Gross.  Just plain gross.

Would you want to find these in your Easter basket?  I wouldn’t.  Drexelius Chocolates will help you surprise someone on Easter morning with some special treats, like Nunu cashew caramels or Claudio Corallo ginger spheres.  Check out our site where you’ll find delicious gourmet chocolate that will have them hopping with happiness!

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