Original Beans Virunga Slideshow

I have told you about the wonderful chocolate maker Original Beans.  They guide themselves with 10 Operating Principles, which you can check out here and will plant a tree for every yummy bar you buy.  To date, more than 1 million trees have been planted by Original Beans.  Hooray!

Below is a fantastic link to a slideshow on Treehugger.com that gives better insight to the work they do in Virunga, which is in the Congo.  Many people fled to the city during the war to escape atrocities by militia.  Thankfully Original Beans reforestation and sustainable cocoa partnership with 10,000 farmers has helped bring  many people back to their village homes.  This area’s rich land and vibrant people work hard to grow the cacao for the incredible Cru Virunga chocolate bars.  It is exciting to see these images of the people and places that bring it to us.

Drexelius Chocolates has been a proud supporter of Original Beans from first savor.  These delicious bars are unlike others on the market in both taste and principle.  Buy a bar to plant a tree and support this unique chocolate maker and its mission.

Enjoy the slideshow from Treehugger.com!

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2 Responses to Original Beans Virunga Slideshow

  1. Mark says:

    Great slideshow! It’s wonderful to see the source.

  2. Yes, it’s a cool slideshow and well presented. Thanks for checking it out!

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