Crepe o Chocolat – San Francisco

So we are walking around San Francisco one beautiful afternoon.  We dodged the impending rain.  Instead, Mother Nature has decided to give us a cool, sunny winter day.  As we stroll along the shops around Union Square we see a little store called Crepe o Chocolat and have to dip inside to see what they offer.  Handmade crepes, coffees and some chocolate goodies.  Magnifique!

I’m intrigued by the House Chocolate and Blood Orange, so I buy one of each.  The House Chocolate has cayenne, lavender, fleur de sel, sundried tomato and flax.  The colors are vibrant and pleasing, but the flavors did not blend well.  The spicy cayenne slaps you hard with every bite, but the lavender is nowhere to be found.  Some pieces of the sundried tomato were a bit chewy and I spit these out a few times.  They use a good chocolate, but it is too thick and hard to bite through.  You can’t take a delicate bite while your sweetheart looks on or break off a piece for a friend without a chisel of some sort.  Overall not a pleasant experience.

The Blood Orange is dried and dipped in dark chocolate.  It is easier to bite into because the orange is softer, but watch for chocolate breaking off.  The inner orange is a bit jelly-like and has a delicate sweetness that pairs well with the dark chocolate.  You can share this with friends if you like.  This one won’t make you look like a dog gnawing on a bone like the other one might.

Geez.  It’s hard work to find good chocolate.  Thankfully I already know of a great place to get fantastic chocolate -> Drexelius Chocolates.  As you can see, we are relentlessly searching the world for the best chocolate.  Looking for a spicy chocolate?  How about a chocolate with citrus notes?  You’ll find them both at Drexelius Chocolates.  We have the world’s best gourmet chocolate…right at your fingertips.  Order now!

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2 Responses to Crepe o Chocolat – San Francisco

  1. beth says:

    totally disagree about the house chocolate
    i think its amazing

    • Hi Beth,
      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the post. I am glad that you like the House Chocolate from Crepe o Chocolat. Like I said in my post, I was hoping for more, but was disappointed by what I tasted. What has been your experience with this chocolate?

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