Chocolat Moderne – Toffee and Lime

Chocolat Moderne is a company run by a native New Yorker in New York, New York.  They do not make their own chocolate, but instead use a blend of wonderful dark chocolate from Valrhona to make this 65% dark chocolate bar.  The bright packaging of this bar caught my eye and the lime intrigued me.  I have had other good lime bars and I wondered how this one would stack up.

This company is well known for their truffles so it is no surprise the bars are flavored like a truffle.  The chocolate is smooth, delicately fruity and pairs well with the lime.  There are large pieces of soft toffee throughout the bar, which actually interfere with my enjoyment of the bar.  I liked the areas that had minute to no pieces of toffee and more lime presence.  I just don’t like the big pieces of toffee getting in the way.  The lime is also not equal throughout the bar.  In some tastes it is more pronounced.  In others it is barely a whisper.  To conclude:  this bar is decent, but not outstanding.

Oh, well.  We’ll keep searching for the world’s greatest chocolate.  In the meantime, pick up a bar or two of the best gourmet chocolate in the world at Drexelius Chocolates.  Remember to share with friends!

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