Raisins + Chocolate = Yum!

March 24 is National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day.  Do you like chocolate and raisins?  Some people don’t really like the mix.  They don’t like the raisin taste and/or texture.  I have been in love with these two since I was a kid.  When I went to the movies I would pick the Raisinettes as my treat.  Sure, the chocolate was cheap and sugary.  And was there really a raisin in there?  Maybe, but I didn’t care.  I loved them.

Now I get to treat myself to the good stuff…really good stuff.  Candy is one thing, but decadent, hand-crafted chocolate bars are in another category altogether.  Thankfully, Claudio Corallo has a warm place in his heart for raisins, too.  He starts with his own cacao, which is grown under his care on his plantation in Sao Tome.  Then he adds ripe wild raisins that have been infused with a cherry distillation by the world’s best distiller, Vittorio Gianni Capovilla (read more about him by clicking here).  The bar Claudio Corallo creates is called Ubric – chunky, spicy, sweet and intoxicating.

Taste and enjoy the best of the best.  This special chocolate bar is only available for a limited time.  So get your Claudio Corallo bars today!

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