Everyone’s a Critic…

We were at the SF Chocolate Salon this past weekend.  Spring has definitely arrived.  The weather was gorgeous during our ride up the coast and our stay in the city.  The day of the Salon is a beautiful, cool, sunny spring day.  Down at Fisherman’s Wharf, the marina is buzzing and people are ready for chocolate.

We set up the Drexelius Chocolates booth and watch the line grow out in front of the hall.  Nervous anticipation settles over me as we break up the Original Beans chocolate and make last minute adjustments at our table.  Finally, the doors open and the crowd begins to flow toward our booth.  Ah.  This is what I love.  Sharing incredible chocolate with people.

Chocolate is savored.  Questions are asked.  Information shared.  At one point in the day I am introducing the Original Beans chocolate bars to a new arrival at the booth when I am interrupted and asked, “In what order do I taste the bars?”  I reply, “You can taste them in any order you like.”  He rudely replies, “If you don’t know what a tasting order is then there is no need to go on,” and walks off.

My head is spinning.  I have no way to respond to the person’s impoliteness and hasty departure.  I know what order I would have someone taste these bars, but this is not a private tasting event with a few select bars.  We are in a 50,000 square foot pavilion with hundreds of chocolate samples, wine and vodka.  Plus, some truffles and chocolate bars can wreak havoc on the taste buds with their interesting flavors.  A wonderful couple returned to the booth after he left to ask if I knew him, which I didn’t.  They said he was a local San Francisco food critic who is on television about 4x a day.  I didn’t catch the name, but he definitely was there to be critical.

I hope you had a good time at the show and savored the event.  Thankfully, moments like the one I encountered are few and far between.  It is regular attendees that make the show a lot of fun.  Thank you for making the show such a tasty treat!

We featured Original Beans at the SF Chocolate Salon, but Drexelius Chocolates carries a nice selection of all natural, gourmet chocolate.  Check out our other delicious offerings and buy some today.

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