Xocolatl de David – Almond + Pimenton

Checking out new chocolate can be fun and interesting.  When I stop in a store, I browse the chocolate to see what catches my attention.   This time it was a pretty little bar in a plain brown box -> Xocolatl de David.  I picked the Almond and Pimenton bar even though I had no idea when pimenton tastes like or where it comes from.  I try to have faith in chocolate makers and chocolatiers that they know how to combine flavors, but this has back-fired on many occasions.  Still I go on.

The bar is a 68% dark chocolate from Bolivia.  The chocolate is dark in color and super shiny out of the package.  I love almonds so this was an easy choice for me.  The almonds were good-sized, but sparse throughout the bar.  Each bite, not even every two in some cases, contained almond.  I learned pimenton is also known as Spanish paprika, an essential Spanish spice.  Opening the bar reveals a strong smokey aroma, which is characteristic of this Spanish spice.  I was ready for a bit of spicy heat, but that is not what I got.  Hungarians would be disappointed in this bar since they go by the old saying, “Good paprika burns twice.”

Other tasters liked the flavor saying it was pleasant, but I didn’t care for the pungent, smokey taste.  It was like being trapped in a smoke pit and the intensity overshadowed the chocolate.  A friend said it reminded her of eating roasted salsa.  Thanks, but I like my salsa with chips.  Another friend got an allergic reaction to this chocolate bar and we could only conclude it was the pimenton that caused the reaction.

If you like almonds with your chocolate, I would highly recommend Dolfin with Grilled Almonds.  The grilled almonds lend a delicate charcoal flavor to the bar and are nicely chopped so you get some with every bite.  Buy the bar here.

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