Passion for Food

I finally got a chance to see Food, Inc and it makes me stop to think about how my food is handled and what is in my food.  Do you know what is in your food?  Do you know how your food gets to you?  Haha.  No, I don’t mean how someone brought your meal out from the kitchen.  When you are in the supermarket picking out stuff to take home, do you know what processes, techniques and ingredients were used to get the product to market?

I am pretty informed.  I take my time to look at the ingredient lists to see I am getting good stuff.    I try to cook a lot of my own food at home and feel good about what I eat.  Food, Inc really made me take another step back, though.  They show you that when you buy food at the store to prepare at home you still might not know where it has been or what has been done to it.  Buying from a respected grower, farmer or rancher is a good way to know you are getting quality products.

People were saying Food, Inc was scary and would make you not want to eat ever again.  I don’t agree.  It just reiterated the same passion we have at Drexelius Chocolates.  They are showing a real concern about where our food comes from, how it is processed and what ingredients are in it.  We use the same standards when selecting what chocolate to carry.  Only the very best chocolate – in both taste and quality – will make it into our selection at Drexelius Chocolates.  So fear not, my chocolate loving friends!  Choose and enjoy with confidence.

Incredible chocolate.  Nothing else.

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