Stout + Chocolate

Some people still have to discover the magic of beer and chocolate together.  Many beers pair wonderfully with chocolate, but stout is an all-around winner in the kitchen.  Stout beer (which is made with darkly roasted barley and malt) is an adaptable cooking ingredient:

  • Trade it out for yeast in breads.
  • Add it to stew and soup for depth.
  • It helps intensify the flavor of chocolate in desserts.

There are recipes for everything from soup to brownies that use stout to bring out the highlights in many delicious foods.  Even though stout has a pretty heavy sounding name, it is lighter in calories and carbohydrates than other beers, which makes it perfect to add to a recipe for extra flavor without weighing down the meal with extra calories or unwanted carbs.

As for pairing stout with chocolate -> stout brings out the darker side of chocolate and makes the chocolate more pronounced.  For example, when you add Guinness to brownies they will benefit from the added edge of the roasted grains in the beer.  They give the chocolate a longer and more complex finish.  We will be trying a stout brownie recipe very soon so check back to get the recipe and try it yourself.

Stout pairs wonderfully with chocolate so crack open a bottle and enjoy with your favorite chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates.

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3 Responses to Stout + Chocolate

  1. sebbie says:

    Sweet! I love pairing beer and chocolate, and being the face on the bottle/tap of Rogue Chocolate Stout I wanted to reach out and suggest a beer made with chocolate (which could be roasted malts, or made with real chocolate — nibs, cocoa, liquid, bars…) of which there are many! I moderated a panel on the Flavors of Chocolate in Beer at the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago last week and will (soon) recap the 4 beers we tasted and talked about the session on my blog,

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