Chocolate + Acne

Does chocolate really give you acne?

I can’t even tell you the number of times I have been told that it does.  I remember staying away from all sweets (living hell) hoping to keep my face pimple free.  That was just pure torture!  Then I gave up on trying to avoid certain foods and would plaster my face with creams and washes hoping that would do the trick.  How’d that go?  Well, I could eat what I wanted, but now my face was dried-out with pimples.

Your skin is your largest organ.

It will tell you what is going on with the rest of your body.  Well, mine was telling me that it needed to get rid of something it couldn’t process anywhere else by pushing it out of my pores.  One day I decided to stop eating all milk related products to see if that was the acne culprit.  This was very hard for me.  No ice cream.  No cheese.  No yogurt.  No cottage cheese.  Have you ever really looked at the ingredients while shopping or at a restaurant or in a recipe?  Almost everything has cheese or milk in some form.  It was hard to do, but living acne-free was more important.

Did it work for me?

You bet.  I still enjoy butter, but only occasionally in dessert recipes.  Okay, and maybe a little bit on bread with pasta.  I love butter!!  If I have a little milk or cheese once in a while my body is okay with it.  If I overindulge, my body expresses its unhappiness with a few pimples.  So I have to decide where my happy medium lies.  I live a very delicious life without milk, cheese and all the dairy-related trimmings.

Why do people tell us chocolate gives us acne?  Well, stores are full of a lot of junk chocolate.  If the chocolate has junk in it that your body doesn’t know how to process, then maybe that is how we are getting acne.  What does your chocolate have in it?  Excessive sugar, hydrogenated fats, palm kernel oil, butter fat, egg whites, cream…it’s time to cut out the extra stuff and go back to the basics.

So, does chocolate give you acne?

No.  It’s all the stuff you add to chocolate that makes you break out.  I eat a lot of really wonderful chocolate.  99.9% of it is dark chocolate made with no artificial flavors, fats or ingredients.  Order some uncommonly delicious chocolate now from Drexelius Chocolates.  See the ingredients.  Taste the difference.  Get back to the basics.

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