Beer…And More Chocolate, Please!

Oh, it can be tough.  I just got back from the store with items for upcoming blogs.  Thankfully I don’t review children’s clothes or office supplies.  What a drag that would be!  I am fortunate to have a passion for chocolate 🙂

I love chocolate and it happens to go well with beer.  Yahoo!  So in the next few weeks we’ll be going over recipes and reviews of some really great beers.  Someone’s got to do it and luckily it will be me.  Check out the impressive selection I have right now.  Tyler really loves beer and he was very helpful in picking a few of these out -> Stone Brewing Company, Rogue Ales, Dogfish Head, Young’s and Guinness.  Recommendations are welcome.  Don’t be shy!

Keep checking back over the coming weeks to check out the brewery, the beer and maybe even a recipe.  I can’t wait to crack these babies open and share the deliciousness!!

In the meantime, order some uncommonly delicious chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy it with your favorite beer.  Your taste buds will thank you.

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  1. how much should i weigh says:

    lmao nice info bro.

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