Top 5 Chocolate Bars

What is your favorite bar?  I get asked this question a lot.  I remind people that I only carry chocolate bars that I love to eat and truly enjoy sharing with others.  No junk or so-so bars for Drexelius Chocolates.  It is hard for me to have a “favorite” because there are so many great chocolate bars!  Plus I will eat what interests me at the moment, which can change as much as deciding what to have for dinner.  Instead of my opinion, I offer the Drexelius Chocolates’ Top Five Favorite chocolate bars as selected by the chocolate lovers themselves:

Nirvana Dark w/ Sea Salt and Caramel -> This wonderful chocolate bar has a touch of salt that melds perfectly with the creamy dark chocolate and the smooth, sweet caramel to make your taste buds dance!

Casa don Puglisi Cinnamon -> This handmade chocolate bar wows customers with its distinct look and taste.  A winner all around, especially when you use it to make hot chocolate.

Nunu Hand Dipped Salt Caramels -> These caramels are handmade in Brooklyn.  I came across them in one of my travels and knew immediately I had to bring them on board.  They sell out quickly so sign up for the Drexelius Chocolates Facebook (here) or Twitter (here) to know when they are in stock and get them while they last!

Rogue Chocolatier Rio Caribe -> Dark, very dark.  This bar keeps you in the dark.  Plus it gives you nuttiness and coffee.  Bring it on!

Dolfin Earl Grey -> Some may have a hard time imagining the pairing, but this bar does it so well.  A hint of spiciness with Dolfin’s signature creamy dark chocolate…divine!

Stop and savor one, two or all of these uncommonly delicious chocolate bars.  Order them from Drexelius Chocolates today!

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5 Responses to Top 5 Chocolate Bars

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  2. an says:

    I’d love to try Rogue’s Rio Caribe bar, but what about his Piura, or Sambirano? Would you consider selling his other bars as well?

    • Having a chocolate craving? The Rogue Rio Caribe bar is something that will satisfy that need. It has a deep chocolate flavor and one of my favorites.

      I have carried other Rogue bars in the past (Sambirano and Hispaniola among them), but they are not in my current selection. I hope to be in touch with Colin soon to carry more of the line again.

      Order the Rio Caribe bar today. It won’t dissapoint!

      • an says:

        Thank you for you kind response!
        Well, not a craving, just the form of food I like most.
        Oh, I’m sure it won’t disappoint, but it would require shipping abroad, and I can’t do that with only one bar, and was hoping to get the others as well.
        By the way, could you please say, how many bars a small box can hold?

      • The number of bars that would fit in a small box would depend on the bar. Rogue is long and thin so I could probably squeeze three or four bars in a box. Askinosie would be about the same. Amano is a little thicker, but skinnier. I might be able to do four of those. If you get a variety, I’d have to test it out and see what fits.
        I’d always do my best to get you the most for your money. I know shipping overseas is not cheap, but the small box is just under $15 USD for shipping. I think that’s a bargain compared to what some companies charge for shipping overseas.
        Let me know if I can help in any way 🙂

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