Xocolatl – Raleigh Bar + Bacon Review

I agree with the statement on the wrapper that says, “Bacon + Chocolate = <3.”  Bacon and chocolate can go well together, but do they go well in this bar?  Let’s check it out and see…

Xocolatl de David is a chocolate company in Portland, Oregon.  We found this little (and I mean little) bar in Fog City News on a recent trip to San Francisco.  The bar doesn’t give the weight, but it is only 2 inches by 1 inch.  It is shorter than my pinky finger and less than two fingers wide.  It has nice thick paper, but has a wafer thin foil wrapper protecting the chocolate.  A regal gentleman stares at you from the wrapper.  To me he says, “Do you dare to eat it or not?”

We got the Raleigh bar with bacon…mmmm, bacon!  The bar has a layer of honey pecan chocolate nougat, topped with bacon caramel and then it is all wrapped up with 72% chocolate from Ecuador.  The bar is noticeably soft to the touch and it has a smoky aroma.  Flavors were not consistant thoughout the bar.  Certain bites overpower with smokiness to the point of choking.  There is no meaty or saltiness from the bacon, which is surprising.  This is the first time I’ve had bacon that doesn’t taste like bacon.  The ingredients say bacon, but I don’t taste it in the bar.  The nougat is light and airy, but offers no specific flavor.  The caramel is gooey and sweet, but is nothing spectacular.  The chopped nuts lend an interesting texture and crunch, but that is all they offer.  There is a lot going on in this bar, but it is not brought together well.  Flavor is harsh in places and non-existent in others.  Some bites are better than others, but all bites should be good.  Not overpowering, inconsistent and carelessly thrown together.

Ingredients:  Sugar, honey, chocolate, cream, bacon, pecans, egg whites, butter, fleur de sel

Want a caramel that will really rock your taste buds from start to finish?  Drexelius Chocolates recommends Nunu Chocolates.  Try their amazing salt caramels or chocolate covered grahams.  Your taste buds won’t be disappointed.

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