Wafels & Dinges in Brooklyn

Food trucks.  They are everywhere.  It is amazing to me the kinds of trucks you can come upon and how much really great food is made on them.  There are sushi trucks, bbq trucks, fusion trucks (a la Don Chow Tacos) and dessert trucks.  In my recent stay in Brooklyn we were told to check out Wafels & Dinges by our good friend and Pacojet master Kriss Harvey (True Confections of a Dangerous Mind).  So I looked them up and found out the truck would be in Brooklyn that same weekend.  Hooray for us!

with spekuloos and Belgian chocolate fudge

We found the truck and got in line.  They serve two different types of wafels -> one is crisp and toasty, the other is soft and doughy.  We followed Kriss’ suggestion and got the Liege wafel (soft).  Dinges are the different toppings and they had a yummy selection.  We picked the spekuloos spread, which starts life as a thin, crunchy cookie and is mashed up into a thick spread.  It’s thinner than peanut butter and more gooey than Nutella.  The cookies are made with different spices, but the spread tends to let the cinnamon and caramel notes stand out.  Along with that wafel, I also got another wafel with spekuloos and Belgian chocolate fudge (I couldn’t resist the chocolate).

The Liege wafel was too doughy for me.  It’s soft and chewy, but a little too much on both fronts.  The Belgian chocolate fudge overpowered any other flavor in the wafel.  The plain Liege with spekuloos was tasty, but I wasn’t hip to the chewy wafel.  Plus, after a few bites I was looking for another flavor.  I think strawberries would have been nice on top.  My friend got one of their specials of the day, which was a traditional Brussels wafel (crispy) with bacon and syup.  The wafel was crunchy and toasty with bacon right in the mix, which basically promised bacon with every bite.  This wafel was my favorite of the day.  They also had a pulled pork wafel that I could have easily enjoyed, but I was already stuffed.  Next time!

If you are in the New York area looking for something tasty to take on the go or a quick bite, check out the Wafels & Dinges truck.  You can see where they are online.  Watch for the signature wafel and Belgian flag on the back of the truck.  You can also follow the truck on Twitter to find out when it will be near you.  Looking for other uncommonly good eats?  Check out Drexelius Chocolates for a taste sensation.  Your taste buds thank you.

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