Chocolate Party Ideas – 6 Sweet Ways to Celebrate

Are you looking to bring your party to the next level?  Whether it is a baby shower, retirement party or kids party, here are six simple ways to do just that:

1. Chocolate invitations and decorations. Get the party started with chocolate invitations in a rich chocolate brown. It should be easy to find beautiful brown colors at your local craft store or paper stores if you want to create your own custom invites.  As for decorating, incorporate chocolate scented candles into your chocolate theme.  Add chocolate colored balloons and streamers and accent with silver, gold, white or red.  Enlarged photos of chocolate would also set the mood.

2.  Chocolate foundue. This is an elegant addition to any party.  Dip pieces of fruit, cakes, chocolates, cookies and pretzels in the decadent chocolate fondue mixture.  Fondue will be less mess than a fountain and will use higher quality chocolate.  Follow this link to a great recipe for fondue.

3.  Chocolate tasting. A constant crowd pleaser.  Select a variety of chocolates and allow your guests to taste and rate their favorites in a fun blind tasting.   You can also try pairing the chocolate with a selection of cheese, wine or beer.  Choose uncommonly delicious chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates’ current selection or simply order the Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Kit.  It couldn’t be easier!

4. Chocolate games.  Include more chocolate at your event with some simple games. Gourmet truffle hunt, anyone?  Hide chocolate to be found and enjoyed.  Play bingo or tic-tac-toe with wrapped chocolate.  Fill a container with M & Ms and the person with closest guess brings home the prize.

5. Chocolate menu. All this talk about chocolate has me hungry!  Think outside the box for your chocolate party menu.  I suggest pasta with sage and chocolate, chocolate bruschetta and grilled chocolate with brie.  Check out our recipe page to get more ideas!

6.  Chocolate favors.  Send your guests home with party favors to remind them of this amazing chocolate party.  A chocolate bar from the tasting.  Give chocolate scented lip balm, lotions or bath products.  Mugs, hot chocolate and t-shirts are also fun favors.

Next time you are hosting a party, think chocolate and contact Drexelius Chocolates for your chocolate needs.  Add a little sweetness by giving your guests a great chocolate party your guests will truly appreciate.

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3 Responses to Chocolate Party Ideas – 6 Sweet Ways to Celebrate

  1. I love chocolate fondue. I’d probably get too busy to work on a broth or oil fondue but not with chocolate. I always make sure that once a week, we get to have that one fondue night. My husband and I simply love enjoying a good chocolate fondue and a decent bottle of wine. Hopefully, when my little girl gets bigger she’ll also learn to love fondue! For now, we’re just glad she’s still a baby, so my husband and I can easily sneak a ‘just we time’! lol!

  2. Sazava says:

    Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

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