Nunu Chocolates Store Visit

Yes, I finally did it.  I got a chance to visit the Nunu Chocolates store in Brooklyn, NY.  I told Justine Pringle (the self-taught chocolatier behind the delicious miracles we all enjoy) I would be heading her way and would be stopping by the shop sometime over my recent stay in the big city.  Our trip got busier and busier, but Nunu was always the first thing I wanted to do each day.  It just worked out that wasn’t always the direction we were headed.

Then came the day.  It was a nice weekend morning.  A bit overcast from the previous nights rain, but looking like a glorious day.  Andy Baird, husband and co-owner, met us at the front.  Meeting Justine seemed like a dream.  A year has passed since  first trying her chocolate covered grahams and knowing they were right for Drexelius Chocolates.  Months have gone by, many e-mails and I’m finally putting a face to the chocolate.  Hooray!

Their store is cozy and relaxed.  You can either sit at the wooden bars to enjoy your frozen hot chocolate or sit in the reclaimed chairs.  Window seats offer nice reading areas or just a place to rest your feet while you watch the world go by.  Huge chalk boards next to the register reveal a public spot for customer love and devotion to Nunu.

Justine and Andy work 14-16 hour days in this little shop.  Yowzah!  We jumped in the car with Andy and caught a ride over to the Flea, which is a market for local artisans.  Nunu sells chocolate there on weekends, except when it gets super hot.  When we got back to the Nunu store, Justine was still in the kitchen whipping up more yummies.  I had to snap a picture of the chocolate covered grahams getting ready to be boxed up.  Delish!

If you are in the Brooklyn area, stop by this wonderful shop and say hello to Andy and Justine at Nunu Chocolates.  Your taste buds will be glad you did!  And tell them Drexelius Chocolates sent you 🙂

Click the photo to order Nunu Chocolates

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