Dainty Cakes LA – Dessert Food Truck

As you saw in my recent post about Wafels & Dinges (read that post here), I am enjoying the surge of food trucks available.  We recently stopped at Curry House for a great dinner and a few food trucks were parked on the street outside.  One was a dessert truck called Dainty Cakes LA and we decided to stop by after dinner to grab some dessert to go.  They didn’t have the chocolate covered cake balls so we settled for two cupcakes that were $3 each: the chocolate with coconut and a spicy chocolate.   They were bagged up and we were on our way.

The cupcakes are pretty large and could easily be shared.  The frosting on the coconut cupcake was dainty compared to the spicy cupcake, which was piled as high as the cupcake was tall.  We tried the coconut cupcake first.  The combination was odd…dry coconut flakes pressed into a thin layer of white frosting that had a strange tangy flavor with a dry, tasteless cupcake.  Huh?  I had to take another bite to make sure.  Yep.  There was no party in my mouth.  My tongue started to revolt against the onslaught.  Blech!  I understand Dainty Cakes LA uses cream cheese for some of the frosting and I have eaten this type before.  When I take a bite of frosting I don’t expect it to bite back.

After I cleansed my palate to get rid of the bad taste from the last cupcake I moved on to the spicy chocolate cupcake .  My eyes bulged at the sight of all that chocolate.  When I asked the two people working at the truck about the spices, they didn’t have a clear answer.  Just to let you know, the cupcake wasn’t spicy.  At all.  This cupcake itself had no flavor and was dry like the other one, too.  The frosting was light, but also had no flavor.  So sad.  I wanted to enjoy these cupcakes and post a glowing review.

I have had better cupcakes that are made from a box mix.  My mom made the most delicious coconut cupcakes on the planet and my sister still makes them for me as a treat (thanks, Margrit!).  If you have any cupcake recipes you love, please send them to me.  I’d love to try them and share them with others.  Much appreciated!

You can’t always depend on a dessert food truck to satisfy your desires.  When it comes to chocolate, check out Drexelius Chocolates and get the very best chocolate every time.   Uncommonly delicious chocolate that will tickle your taste buds.

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