Ramen, French Toast, Lime Chips…Oh, My!

So I see some buzz about new bars that are a college kids dream:  ramen, french toast, lime tortilla chips all drenched in chocolate.  Komforte Chockolates is breaking the traditional mix-ins of nuts and fruit with these unique combinations.  Instead of going for sophistication and worrying about terroir and conching this company is looking for fun mix of flavor.  Let’s see if they reached their goal…

I like the bright. simple packaging with bold text and vibrant use of color, which make me feel like I am grabbing for large Crayola markers.  Ramen in bright red.  French toast in blazing yellow.  Tortilla lime and salt in (what else?) fresh lime green.  The package tells me the bars are made in small batches of artisan quality with natural ingredients and that the bars are carefully crafted in the USA.  My hopes are up.

I open the ramen bar first because it is the only dark chocolate bar (53%).  The aroma of the chocolate bar is sweet, like coconut.  You can hear the snap when you break the bar, but that’s because of the ramen noodles breaking not the chocolate.  There is a decent amount of ramen in the bar, but the amount you get in your bite is unreliable.  The chocolate is waxy, melts poorly and has bad mouthfeel.  No chocolate flavor, but the coconut still stuck in there.  Yuck.  So much for high hopes.

The second bar is the French Toast with milk chocolate.  This one smacks with sweetness you when you open the wrapper.  The ingredients say there are bagel chips and molasses in the bar, which I’ve never had in my French Toast.  I can’t taste anything with all the sugar rushing over my taste buds.  This milk chocolate melts smoother than the dark, but the flavor is lacking…or competing with itself.  There is a buttery note which is beaten back by the sweetness of the chocolate and molasses plus a hint of salt thrown in for good measure.  Ugh.  My tongue is disgusted at the onslaught.  Scrape that one away.

Lastly is the Tortilla Lime and Salt, which is also in milk chocolate.  Miniscule shards of stale tortilla chips are strewn about the bar while the lime and salt are inconsistently blended into the chocolate.  If you get the right bite, blasts of lime…or salt…or both might assault your taste buds.  I give up!

Patchy.  Lacking.  Inferior.  Take comfort that you don’t have to waste time, money or your taste buds with Komforte Chockolates.  Not worth it.

Want great chocolate that will make your taste buds say, “Wow” instead of “What was that?”  Order from Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy uncommonly delicious chocolate today!

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