“World’s Finest” Chocolate Bar – Review

I’m sure you’ve heard of the World’s Finest Chocolate bar.  Kids (or their parents) sell these chocolate bars for fundraisers.  It goes for $1/bar.  I remember selling them for softball.  Friends sold them for church and school fundraisers.  You think, “Wow.  The World’s Finest Chocolate for only $1?  What a deal!”  Plus, as a parent you feel good about helping the kids and local community.

World’s Finest has been in business since 1939, but was originally known known as Cook Chocolate Co until 1972.  In over fifty years of fundraising, World’s Finest and its community partners have sold close to six billion bars.  Nearly fifty cents of every $1 bar of World’s Finest goes to support local schools, youth groups and other charitable organizations.

Let’s find out if it’s really the World’s Finest Chocolate.  The only dark chocolate bar available at the time of purchase was the Dark Chocolate with Almonds (1.65 oz).  For a dollar this size bar seems like a good deal.  Plus the ingredients look pretty decent.  I am not happy about the use of vanillin and don’t think they need to add milk to a dark chocolate.

The bar has a nice chunks of almonds throughout the bar.  The chocolate has a nice dark appearance.  The aroma is slightly sweet, but not overpowering.  The sugar stands out when you are tasting the bar, but you get a slight chocolate flavor as well.  No waxy taste or film coating your mouth.   This might not be the World’s Finest chocolate bar in my book, but it’s definitely decent.

Ingredients for World’s Finest Dark Almond Bar:  Bittersweet chocolate (sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, vanillin, milk), roasted almonds (almonds, cocoa butter), crisp rice [wheat].

Personally, I’m looking for chocolate that’s more than decent.   I want chocolate that makes me say, “Wow!”   Head on over to Drexelius Chocolates and treat yourself to some uncommonly delicious chocolate today.

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