Lala and Me

Lala, or Grandma, and I have a few things to iron out.  A friend of mine has a beautiful little four year-old girl that loves her Lala very much and trusts her every word as gold.

Well, one day this little ray of sunshine saw me eating one of my chocolate bars.  Now, it might have only 9:30 in the morning, but for me it was time for chocolate.  She ran over to me and grabbed my arm and asked what I was eating.  “Chocolate,” I said.

She stared me in the face and said, “You shouldn’t have chocolate!  It’s bad for you.  Lala said so.”  She was adamant about it not being good for you and that chocolate has sugar.  This is where I got into a discussion with a four year-old about good and bad chocolate and the benefits of chocolate.  I know people try to keep their kids from eating junk, but spreading inaccuracies is not right.  Maybe the chocolate Lala was given as a child and grew up with was not good quality and laden with junk.  No surprise there…I was given (or bought) the same crap-laden stuff.  Now I know better and enjoy best chocolate the world has to offer.

Lala is just the person that would have fun at my chocolate tasting parties, which are packed with chocolate information.  People come in curious and go away happy and confident with knowledge that will help them select and enjoy delicious chocolate.  I would love to do a chocolate tasting event for Lala to give her an updated lesson on the awesomeness of chocolate.  I started Drexelius Chocolates to spread the deliciousness of fantastic chocolate.  Sharing incredible chocolate is what I do.  I can’t have Lala thinking all chocolate is crap when there are so many wonderful reasons to love and savor it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime, spread a little chocolate love this week.  Help another person taste real chocolate.  Don’t let them live a lie.

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2 Responses to Lala and Me

  1. Geni says:

    I am officially going to have a chocolate tasting party because of this blog. Funny writing…I still have a smirk on my face. 🙂 Chocolate is one of my top reasons for loving life! I have a new blog, and love new visitors! Hope you stop by.

    • Hooray! Thanks for spreading chocolate love. Let me know if you need anything for your tasting 🙂

      Looking at your site makes me hungry…I’ll definitely try some of your recipes. Thanks for the link!

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