Cake in a Bottle

Sometimes you want chocolate, but you also want beer.  Lucky for us, these two pair well together.  Rogue Chocolate Stout is made without any added chemicals, flavors or preservatives.  Let’s see how this baby tastes!

I had my bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout nice and cold because it was a hot day.  The beer poured a deep dark brown, almost black with minimal head.  First tastes were a tad bitter and malty.  Once the beer warmed up, it poured a thicker head and mellowed out a bit revealing a bit sweeter chocolate flavor.

This beer grabs your attention.  Rogue packs on the flavor with this tasty beer.  Thinking of trying this beer?  You should like chocolate.  It reminds me of unsweetened dark roast chocolate that has coffee notes and a dry finish.  It definitely favors the roasted notes over the sweet ones.

If you have a hankering for dark or stout beer, give Rogue Chocolate Stout a try.  It’s a delicious way to have your cake and drink it, too!  Or if you already have some (dark) beer at home, try any of the fabulous chocolates at Drexelius Chocolates and enjoy your own beer and chocolate pairings.

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2 Responses to Cake in a Bottle

  1. sebbie says:

    Thanks for the kind words and review Molly! Since I am the face of the bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout I blog about it ( ) and love reading about pairings and recipes that other folks come up with! Its a great beer to pair with chocolate, no doubt, or artisan cheeses (like the assortment of blues from Rogue Creamery or their Chocolate Stout Cheddar which is made with this beer; Cypress Grove LambChopper or Truffel Tremmor, etc.). This beer makes a great ice cream or gelato, and is perfect for a beer float! Food for thought & cheers!

    • Hey Sebbie! Thanks for dropping by (again) and for the comment. Funny you mention the beer float. I was just talking with my friend about making that as we enjoyed your beer 🙂
      I taste something yummy!

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