Summertime S’mores

S’mores bring back loads of great childhood memories.  Next to the pool in our backyard we had a fire pit, which was lit almost every night in the summer and plenty of other nights during the year.  My friends and I huddled around the blazing fire and became experts at roasting marshmallows.  Learning how to rescue marshmallows that were falling off the skewer.  Lightly toasting and gently peeling off the outer layer then roasting again and again until a nub of stickiness remained.  True dedication to the art and enjoying every second.

Whether camping, at the beach or relaxing at home, s’mores are a delicious way to have fun with your food.  Start with the finest ingredients to end up with a healthy, tasty treat to boot.  Let’s get the fire started and get toasting!


  • Graham crackers
  • Various bars of chocolate – broken into large chunks
  • Marshmallows
  • Skewers – wooden or metal

Basic instructions:

  1. Spear a marshmallow on a skewer and toast to your perfect shade of brown or black.  Some prefer them lightly toasted while others go for charred goodness.
  2. Grab a graham cracker.  Put a chunk of chocolate on it and set the marshmallow on top.  Add another graham cracker on top to make a sandwich.  Smash together.
  3. Bite into the oozing deliciousness and enjoy!

If you don’t have a campfire or fire pit handy, you can also make these tasty wonders over a gas stove or candle flame (how romantic!).  Microwaving and using the oven is both messy and not recommended.  The marshmallows don’t cook properly with these methods.

Get these bites of heaven started off right by buying the best chocolate around. Drexelius Chocolates has chocolate to make your taste buds take notice. 100% natural. No junk.  Kick your s’mores up a notch with these tasty morsels from Nunu Chocolates.  Yummy!

Chocolate covered grahams -- Mmmmmm!

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