Chocolate for Breakfast

Is there a better way to start your day than with a little chocolate?  Well, for me it  is a great way to begin the day and getting chocolate into my breakfast routine is not as hard as it seems.  Besides the obvious chocolate chip pancakes and muffins, here are some delicious and nutritious ways to add healthy chocolate into your diet.

First up is Muffin Melt.  Start off by toasting an english muffin and top with natural peanut butter and small chocolate chunks (or chips).  The peanut butter and chocolate will melt and ooze into those nooks and crannies to deliver yummy goodness with every bite!

Next is oatmeal with berries and nibs.  I love steel cut oatmeal because the texture is so wonderful.  It is not runny and soupy, but thick and grainy.  Throw in some dried or fresh berries, raisins and tasty nibs, which add a nice nutty chocolate crunch.

Love your morning smoothie?  You can add chocolate or nibs to your smoothie or shake.  Get a fantastic nutrient boost right in your drink plus add delicious flavor.  Chocolate goes great with berry, citrus, peanut butter, banana, pomegranate, and more.  This also works great for after workout.  Check out this simple recipe.  Experiment and enjoy!

Need something handy to go?  How about a quick and easy Banana Wrap.  I like to use a small whole wheat tortilla and spread peanut butter on the inside.  Then place a half banana in the middle and sprinkle with chopped chocolate or nibs.  Wrap it up burrito-style and you’re on the go with a delicious, nutritious meal in hand!

Do you include chocolate with your breakfast?  I’d love to hear your recipes and share them with others.  If you really want to get the best chocolate for your recipes, check out Drexelius Chocolates for all your chocolate needs and desires.  Tempt your taste buds at all times of the day!

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