Industrial Chocolate

Once people hear I work in the chocolate trade they start asking all kinds of questions:

  • “What’s your favorite chocolate?” – Dark chocolate bars
  • “Have you always liked chocolate?” – Yes
  • “Do you ever get sick of chocolate?” – No

I end up asking questions, too.  Dark or milk?  The most common response:  milk.  Then I ask why they don’t like dark chocolate?  The taste, too bitter.  Surprising, but people usually have only tasted chocolate from industrial giants that process chocolate out of greed.  Harsh, but true.  Do you think they are carefully managing the fermentation and roasting process to ensure the best flavor profile is brought out in every batch?  Sorry, but no.  They deal with thousands of farmers, millions of beans and hundreds of thousands of bars each year.  Keeping the flavor profile the same on one batch of bars would be very tough from year to year.  Yet Hershey bar after Hershey bar manages to taste the same.  How do they do it?  Well, load up the chocolate bar with fillers like sugar, artificial oils and flavorings then no one notices the chocolate lacks flavor.  I’ve had “chocolate” bars with so much mint I think I’m having a Tic Tac.  Where’s the chocolate?

When people taste dark chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates they say things like “I taste raspberry” or just plain “WoW!”  They’re amazed the flavor that’s coming from the bean itself!  Milk chocolate lovers end up buying my dark chocolate because they have found pleasure in tasting real chocolate.  A surge of artisan, small batch chocolate makers have paved the way for everyone to enjoy all natural chocolate.  These microprocessors are dedicated to reveal tastes and textures not realized before.  They work closely with farmers to make sure the beans are fermented to the height of perfection.  They are careful not to over roast the beans, which can make them taste bitter like a bad cup of coffee.  The chocolate does not need to hide behind flavorings and additives.  The true flavors of chocolate are uncovered and savored with delight.

Drexelius Chocolates has been supporting and promoting the finest of these small batch chocolate makers since starting business in 2007.  High quality, all natural, no compromise.   Expect a lot from your chocolate.  Enjoy some chocolate today from Drexelius Chocolates and support microbatch chocolate makers from around the world.

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