Ice Cream Dream

What’s your favorite ice cream?  Oh, beloved ice cream.  Thick, creamy, cool and delicious.  How I miss thee.  I have it so rarely that it seems like a dream.

Being lactose intolerant has not been a big deal for me.  I got over the cheese.  I don’t need gobs of it on everything I eat.  It actually makes things I eat taste a lot better without the cheese deluge.  Yogurt? No biggie. When it comes to ice cream, though, I get pangs of distress.  Brownies, cookies, cakes, pie all can use a little help from their friend ice cream at times.  A la mode is a good thing.  It is sorely missed.

Luckily I have found a wonderful solution.  Coconut milk ice cream.  You read that right.  Ice cream made with yummy, nutritious coconut milk.  I tried soy ice cream and was okay with it.  Soy has good consistancy and flavor, but coconut ice cream blows it away.  My boyfriend and I tried Coconut Bliss, but our favorite so far is Purely Decadent.  It is dairy and soy free and sweetened with agave syrup.  It has less sugar than traditional ice cream and more fiber.

I am in l-o-v-e with the Purely Decadent chocolate ice cream, which is better than Haagen-Daz chocolate.   Yes, better.  It is thick, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious.   The coconut milk adds a hint of coconut flavor, which only adds to the yummy factor.  Purely Decadent also comes in other flavors like mint chip and cookie dough.  Yummy!!!!

Purely Decadent brought me out of my dream state and back to ice cream reality.  I’m celebrating this fantastic find by enjoying some incredible coconut milk ice cream tonight, chocolate of course.  If you need to top off your ice cream with all natural chocolate chips or chocolate sauce, you know you can find the world’s finest chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates.

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5 Responses to Ice Cream Dream

  1. Monique says:

    I am also crazy in love with Purely Decadent chocolate coconut milk ice cream. It’s a chocoholic-ice cream lover’s dream come true!

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  3. Geni says:

    Thank you for the coconut ice cream recommendation. It looks so delicious. I love coconut and most of my family is lactose intolerant.

    • You are very welcome, Geni. Being lactose intolerant is not easy, but finding delicious alternatives is always a wonderful thing.
      I was truly amazed by how fantastic Purely Decadent chocolate coconut milk ice cream was in texture and taste.
      Hope your family likes it, too 🙂

      Have you tried cooking with coconut oil? I used it to make some granola and it came out great. Haven’t tried it in baking yet.

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