People often ask how long I have been in love with chocolate.  That is hard for me to put a number on so I just say all my life.  I also loved going to school as a kid and had a slew of wonderful teachers.  Every summer I would eagerly wait for the posting of the class list.  I would hope for a certain teacher, but what teacher would I get?  Who would be in my class?

I remember when I was in the fourth grade, I was lucky enough to have who I thought was one of the coolest teachers in the school -> Mr. Nubling.  If you were in his class you got to do interesting things and have freedoms not given to you by other teachers.  Like what, you ask?  What could be so different in his class?  Well, for starters, he had animals in his classroom that you could take out of their cages and keep at your desk if you were on good behavior.  Rats sat on kids shoulders and snakes snuggled inside kids shirts during class lessons.  Mr. Nubling also taught us how to build and launch rockets.  Zoom!  Woosh!  We “earned” money, learned how to write checks and used a bank in his class.  He gave us real world experience.  He treated us more like adults and gave us respect, but if you disrespected him and his rules you lost your privileges.  Simple as that.

During this same year, I asked my mom and dad for a pet.  We were not a pet family.  We had a dog when my older sisters were younger, but my parents quickly found out the family pet became their responsibility.  So by the time I came around, no more pets.  I begged and pleaded with my parents to get a rat.  I told them how smart and clean they were.  That they are very social and friendly.  Of course I would take care of it.  Promise!  Pleeeeeeaaaase??  Finally they broke down.  Yes!!!!

I brought home a beautiful Brown rat to be my pet.  It’s name?  Chocolate Chocolate Chip, after my favorite ice cream.  Awwwwww!  That’s true love.  🙂

How long have you been in love with chocolate?  My love of chocolate is alive and well.  Continue (and expand) your love of chocolate with the uncompromising taste of Drexelius Chocolates.  All natural.  Microbatch.  Incredibly yummy!

Click to buy chocolate!

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4 Responses to Rats!

  1. Geni says:

    Molly…are you like next door or something? I was reading your chocolate tasting party idea and lamented that you are probably in some other state or even another country, but low and behold you have an 818 area code! I am in Burbank! I will call you to find out $ for a tasting party. How FUN! By the way, I think I liked chocolate in utero. My mom craved it like crazy when she was pregnant with me!

  2. haha
    That’s too funny, Geni. I thought I saw that you were in the area and then couldn’t find where I saw that info on your blog. Thought I was going crazy. Glad to see my neurons still have a little life in them 🙂
    Would love to set up a tasting party with you. They’re a lot of fun, very informative and super tasty!

  3. Jess says:

    Mr. Nubling was my 5th grade teacher. I wrote him letters after I left Newbury Park until I was like 19. He used to live 2 blocks from my house.

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