Chocolate Snag

I’m doing some food shopping.  It might be my favorite local place or maybe a new store I’ve found and I’m excited because I’m trying that recipe (finally!).  As my basket begins to fill with various items, I hit a snag.

There’s an item on my shopping list, but the item or brands are unfamiliar to me.  How do I choose?  Will each brand give me the same result?

This situation rings true for me because I love to try new recipes and foods in the kitchen so getting new ingredients comes with the territory.  It could be a new vegetable, spice or chocolate I have never tried, but I find myself in this predicament on occasion.  What to do?

    a)  Walk away sans ingredient.  The recipe can wait for another day.  Why buy something if you’re not sure if the brand is any good?
    b)  Interested to find out, but just randomly pick a brand hoping for the best…eeny-meeny-miny-moe
    c)  Take the time to check the ingredients and research on your smartphone for reviews and suggestions.  After 15 minutes you throw one in the basket confident in your selection!

Before I had my smartphone I could have done either of the first two.  Now, option three is the way I go.  I can take the time to quickly research items using the experience of others to help make my decision.  Getting trustworthy information is important.  Shopping for chocolate can be overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the brands.  There are a lot of chocolate options, but not a lot of good ones (I’ve tasted a lot of “premium” junk).  I’ve had people blankly stare at me as I named the chocolate I offer for sale because I carry many uncommon chocolate brands.  They may not know the name, but after sampling the chocolate they tell me it’s the best chocolate they’ve ever tasted.

How do you pick a good chocolate at a store?  You want the very best chocolate so check ingredient lists to make sure they are using all natural products (no palm kernel oil or vanillin).  For tips on how to buy great quality dark chocolate, read here.  You can also just contact me and ask.  I’m happy to help a fellow chocolate shopper overcome an obstacle with a delicious solution.  Make it easy on yourself, cut through the junk and get familiar with the best chocolate in the world.  Buy incredibly delicious, all natural chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates for all your chocolate needs.

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