Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding at Intelligentsia

There is a new coffee-house in Pasadena called Intelligentsia, but I didn’t come here to get coffee.  I want to try their food that is provided by Heirloom LA, which is a catering company that prides itself on using locally grown ingredients and unique menu offerings.  I am told the lasagna cupcakes are excellent, but those will have to wait.  I am here for chocolate today.

I decide to get some cookies to take home.  The server recklessly tosses the cookies into a bag and the more fragile one is in pieces when I get it home.  When I asked about the names of the cookies, I get different answers from the hip staff.  The smashed one is either Stoplight or Chocolate Sable.  It is a delicate chocolate shortbread with salted caramel in the middle.  The chocolate shortbread is simply a vehicle for the salted caramel.  This cookie is decent, but not great.  The other is Nufsaid with chocolate shortbread, marshmallow, pecan and caramel drizzle.  This is a sweeter cookie and had much more flavor.  The chocolate is more pronounced, but gets overwhelmed by the marshmallow and caramel.  A yummy cookie, but a bit sweet for me.

I heard their chocolate banana bread pudding was incredibly good and had to taste for myself.  I wanted to take it home, but Intelligentsia is not set up for take-out at this time.  They have specially printed napkin rings, but no boxes for take-out?  Whatever.  So we sit and wait for the bread pudding.  Ah!  Finally.

The bread pudding is light, moist, warm, decadent.   Chocolate oozes in every bite.  Chunks of banana add aromatic sweetness to the rich dessert.  Truly amazing.  I will be back to savor this again.  And I will take some home.  Even if it means I bring my own box!

In the meantime, I will try to make my own chocolate banana bread pudding with the fantastic chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates.  Do you have a recipe you think I should try?  I appreciate any help.  Thanks!

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