Host A Chocolate Tasting – How To

Whether you want to host a tasting for yourself or a group of friends, a chocolate tasting is a fun and easy way to have a deliciously good time.  Just like anything want to enjoy, you need to take your time to savor chocolate.  I was shocked when I first did a chocolate tasting.  I had eaten my fair share of chocolate over the years, but never really tasted chocolate.  How can that be?

As a kid I gobbled chocolate.  Popped piece after piece into my mouth and chewed it down.  I liked it and wanted more.  Vanilla didn’t do it for me and strawberry was okay…if it was with chocolate.  Then one day (many years later) my friend Renee read about chocolate tastings and said we should do one.  Right on!  We were blown away by our findings and I have never looked back.

Here are some basic guidelines so you can hold your own chocolate tasting.  Chocolate tasting follows many of the guidelines of tasting wine, using all five senses to enjoy the incredible flavors offered by the cacao. This simple process allows you to discover chocolate in a new, pleasurable and exciting way.

The Basics

  • Bring chocolate to room temperature.
  • For maximum results, do not eat/drink any flavored beverages for 2 hours prior.
  • Arrange your chocolate dark to light, delicate to intense flavor.
  • Use plain bread and a drink of water to cleanse your palate between tastings.


  • Check the chocolate’s appearance — cloudy, bubbles, smooth, shiny, dull…
  • Break off a small piece of chocolate.  Listen to the sound.  Loud break?  Or soft?
  • Gently rub the chocolate between your fingers.  Is the texture smooth?  Rough?
  • Bring the chocolate piece to your nose and inhale the tantalizing aromas.
  • Chocolate melts at body temperature.  Let it melt slowly on your tongue.
  • The melt tells you about the amount of cocoa butter in the bar.
  • Lightly chew on the chocolate to release more flavor.
  • Swirl it around your mouth to enjoy the flavors: bitter, sweet, salty and sour.
  • Close your eyes and enjoy the individual flavors as they unfold.


  • Take a few moments after each bite to reflect on the flavors.
  • Remember to cleanse your palate between tastings.

Most of all…have fun!  Your palate will tend to tire after a few tastings.  I usually taste only 4-5 chocolate bars in this manner before stopping.  If you are in a group, write down your findings and compare the results.  It’s always interesting to find out what everyone’s tastes are like!

Order some incredible all natural chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and host a chocolate tasting of your own.  You can also order the Gourmet Chocolate Tasting Kit from Drexelius Chocolates that includes all you need to host your own tasting party.  Chocolate + Friends = Fun!

How yummy! Be the first to know what’s up with all things chocolate.  Follow me @drexchocolates, subscribe to my feed or sign up for chocolate blog updates. You’ll be loved forever.  And tell a friend because sharing is caring!

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