Versatile Blogger Award

I was casually reading a blog on my Google reader when I found out I was given a Versatile Blogger Award!  Whoopee!  No grand prize or cash is handed out…just recognition for good work done.  Right on!  I am also happy that it helps showcase great blogs to others that may not know about them.  I know some people who read a lot of blogs, but I am not one of them.  Okay…I do, but not all of them are food related.

What???  A foodie that doesn’t consume her life with food?  Well, I do have other interests.  Which you will find out below since there are a few rules to getting this award.  There seem to be a few different versions of the “rules,” but I’ll just go with what I was given.

1)  Mention the person who nominated me: That would be Geni, the wonderful writer of the blog  We have quite a bit in common and one day our paths will cross.  Her blogs are funny and have great photos, too.  A pleasure to read.

2) Name ten things you like:

  1. Sci-Fi or SyFy, take your pick.  Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Predator, Terminator, LOTR…  I love lots of movies/shows, but this is the genre I gravitate toward.
  2. Travel. I enjoy the journey and hunt chocolate at every turn.
  3. Great food.  Doesn’t always mean expensive.  Just delicious.
  4. Cooking.  No dairy, fresh, tasty.  Simple requirements.
  5. Caprioskas.  Encountered these simple, refreshing drinks on a trip to Argentina and can’t stop having them ever since.
  6. Chocolate.  That goes without saying.  It’s my passion.  🙂
  7. Visual stimulus.  The Grand Canyon.  Shooting stars.  Blooming flowers.  Fresh vegetables.  Interesting architecture.  Food for my eyes.
  8. Getting physical.  I love to play tennis, swim, ride bikes, hike.
  9. Get my adrenaline pumping.  Fast cars.  Roller coasters.  Skydiving.  Bunjee jumping.
  10. Dance, baby, dance!  Music playing?  I’m probably on the dance floor, even if there isn’t one.

3. Nominate ten other bloggers (in no particular order)…I don’t have ten, so here goes:

1.  The Broken Ganache: Got hooked on this blog from Geni (thanks again!).  Love his simple posts and fan-tab-ulous photos of candy and chocolates that he makes.  I strive to have my photos be that good one day.

2.  Citrus And Candy:  Another well-written, beautifully photographed blog.  Karen has a wicked sense of humor.  Love to read her posts.

3.  101 Cookbooks:  I came for the Green Curry Broth and stayed.  Wonderful variety to the photos, which are inspiring.  Looking forward to trying the recipes.

4.  Laurel Woods:  I have known Laurel since we were kids.  This is not why I follow her blog.  She is sincere, funny and a wonderful writer.  Her blog is not about food.

So there you have it.  My other blogs relate to design, geeky stuff and general amusement.  If you have a blog you think I’d like, post a comment below.  I’ll gladly check it out.  What a nice way to end the month.  Share the love and check out some of these blogs.  Thanks for reading.  Enjoy great chocolate!

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6 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I will check out these recommended blogs. Can’t wait.

  2. Thanks Molly for the liking my blog it means a lot. 🙂

  3. avg says:

    we gon’ party tonight

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