It’s All About Taste

After reviewing a few chocolate bars this week I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone about the subjective nature of taste.  It is a complex task that has many factors involved and will be different for each person.  Things you might not have thought of before have an influence over things we taste every day.

For example, when I am tasting chocolate for a review I need to be focused.  So I shouldn’t be at a dog park surrounded by noise, smells and activity since it will distract me from my task.  When and where you eat your food makes a big difference.  Hot dogs at a ball game taste better than when you eat them at home.  Why?  Atmosphere, baby!

On another note, have you ever tried to get a group of people to try something new?  If one person tries it and likes it, then others are more likely to try it, too.  If they don’t like it, you probably won’t get many other takers.  It’s all about group think.  Sit back and watch the process unfold at Costco or any other mall.  Truly fascinating and totally exhausting.  I encounter it all the time with my chocolate, especially since most of my chocolate makers are not well-known.  This is why reviews and testimonials are so important for Drexelius Chocolates.  It makes others feel at ease and gives first hand accounts of the  great tasting products and company.

** Please submit a review to help others enjoy uncommonly delicious chocolate! **

Trying new things is natural to me, but some people like to stick to what they know.  Don’t know what cumin is or why it’s with chocolate?  What if you were told it’s a common aromatic spice in many Mexican dishes…rich, nutty and warm.  Suddenly that strange sounding chocolate is more familiar and the pairing sounds yummy!  I try to use common flavors when talking about chocolate.  This way people can relate to the chocolate even though they might not know the chocolate maker or have ever tasted the chocolate itself.  We have all tasted oranges, dark berries and cinnamon so the bar comes to life.  That chocolate bar sounds good.  Let’s have a bite!

There are also psychological factors that come to play.  Maybe you had a bad experience with cinnamon.  Someone shoved a cinnamon stick up your nose as a kid and you can’t stand the sight or smell of it to this day.  Well, nothing will change that.  No matter how great the chocolate.  Sorry you have to miss out, but there are other wonderful chocolate bars for you to enjoy 🙂

Taste is an ultra-sensory experience.  It is also about touch and feel and sight and sound.  Gritty or grainy chocolate can turn some people off while others savor the experience.  Dark, glistening chocolate might be your thing while a smooth, creamy milk chocolate is another’s cup of delight.

Keeping all of these things in mind, how do you find the chocolate that is right for you?  Try, try, try again.  Drexelius Chocolates has a lot of exciting chocolate bars ready to tickle your taste buds.  Find your chocolate mood and enjoy one today.

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