Chocolate and Salt

I was watching Mad Men, which is a show about life in the 1960s.  The grandpa is with his granddaughter at the kitchen table and he is eating chocolate ice cream right out of the rectangular paper container.  The little girl reminds him that they’re not supposed to have any ice cream before dinner.  The grandpa takes another scoop, sprinkles a touch of salt on it and says, “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

On Emmy award-winning Modern Family, they enjoy chocolate milk with a touch of salt.  Cacao and salt were honored by our ancestors and treated as gold.  The tasty combination of chocolate and salt has been around for a long time and is mirrored in the creations brought to us by our artisan chocolate makers.  In all the years I have been bringing you the world’s finest chocolate, one of the flavor combinations we have been lucky to enjoy has been chocolate and salt.  It is a simple pairing that goes great together.  Like fries and a chocolate shake or pretzels and chocolate -> Yum!…but let’s skip the pretzel.  Salt is a natural flavor enhancer and brings out the best in chocolate.  Especially when you are starting with great ingredients!

Taste some of the salty sweet chocolate bars at Drexelius Chocolates for yourself.  Chuao Chocolatier and Olive & Sinclair Chocolate will tantalize your taste buds with their interesting chocolate combinations.  Let me know what you think of these chocolate bars down in the comments section.  I’d love to know what your taste buds think 🙂

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