Max Brenner – Las Vegas

We were in Las Vegas this past weekend and got a chance to visit the new Max Brenner chocolate restaurant in Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops.  I have been to Max Brenner’s in New York so I was excited to visit this one, too.  Imagine a whole restaurant devoted to chocolate.  I envisioned chocolate in every course of my meal.  Heaven!

Well, I was wrong.  I obviously love chocolate a little more than this Israeli bald man because his chocolate restaurant taunts and teases you with its delicious decor, but disappoints when it comes to the menu.  Not saying that the food isn’t decent, but there wasn’t enough chocolate on it.   They had chocoholic drinks, but didn’t have a chocolate martini.  o_O  Whaaaat?  To eat, I settled for Illegal Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Pancakes (60% dark chocolate truffle cream, pure milk chocolate shavings, spiced pecans, caramelized bananas).  The pancakes were plain and thick, which drowned out the bland, sweet chocolate.  Boring.


Not enough chocolate for this chocolate lover


The Waffle Fries Dusted with Chili & Cocoa Powder were not waffles at all.  Silly me for thinking they were.  They were cross-cut fries with Jack-In-The-Box curly fries seasoning.  Wait…it said cocoa powder, too.  Where?  Not that I can see.  Oh, wait.  Do you see those seven dark specks on that fry?  Yeah…anyway, I found ONE fry with a light smattering of cocoa powder and a dusting of cocoa powder on the tray.  So I poured the chocolate sauce from my pancakes on the fries to make up for it.  Much better 🙂


Where's the cocoa powder?


Like I said, the store is decorated wonderfully in a rich brown palette and makes you feel like you are inside a chocolate bar, but I won’t be going there for chocolate.  Max himself said, “Chocolate is not just about taste.”  He must focus on other aspects to get you to forget that his chocolate is not all that.  The Brenner chocolate is mediocre.  Just a half-step above Hershey’s with no waxy residue and no distinct flavor.  If his chocolate was fantastic, he would focus on the chocolate and highlight it in everything he could.

Askinosie Chocolate makes cupcakes with their handmade chocolate to showcase its wonderful flavor.  Restaurants and chefs enhance their desserts with award-winning Amano Chocolate.  TASTE is a HUGE part of chocolate since we EAT, SAVOR and APPRECIATE chocolate in many ways on a constant basis.  Don’t be fooled by fancy boxes and decor.  Let your taste buds lead the way and taste happiness.

Max Brenner will make a buck off of people’s love of chocolate.  People say he conjures up Willy Wonka, but I beg to differ.  Mr. Wonka was not about the look, but wanted things to taste great or else it was back to the drawing board.  Max wants you to see and think about chocolate, but where’s the taste satisfaction?  Which would you prefer?  I’m with Willy.

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