Chocolate: Quality and Quantity

Chocolate & Brie sandwich...yummy!

Grilled burgers.  Juicy steaks.  Chips and dip.  Wine. Cheesecake.  Chocolate.  This sounds like a fantastic party, doesn’t it?  Wait…what’s that?  You really shouldn’t?  You can’t?  Why do you say no when you really want to say yes, yes, yes!  Why the negative feelings toward these things?  We are happy when we eat them.  They taste ah-mazing!  So what is the problem?

Quality and quantity are both important factors here.  If you eat junk, then that will come back to haunt you.  As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.”  I would rather be a filet mignon with heirloom vegetables and a vintage wine than a Burger King #3 meal.  Moderation is key, too.  When looking for a mate, we don’t check off smart, funny and gluttonous, right?

With chocolate, look for the highest quality ingredients that have been carefully processed to retain nutrients and give the best flavor.  Drexelius Chocolates offers only the finest all natural chocolate handmade by the world’s best artisan chocolate makers.  The chocolate at Drexelius Chocolates has been selected for its terrific taste and ingredients.  No mediocrity allowed.  Only chocolate that makes your taste buds say, “Wow!”

Enjoy some today.  Your taste buds will thank you.

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