Extraordinary Desserts – San Diego

Some friends had been telling me about a place in San Diego that they wanted me to try the next time I was in town called Extraordinary Desserts.  With a name like that, how can you go wrong?

We arrived to a darkened location in a quiet part of town (Balboa Park location).  I never would have stopped if someone hadn’t told me this was the place.  Bad lighting made signs hard to read, but people were lined up waiting their turn.  If this is where I get good chocolate, then I will eagerly step in line.  The patio was full and it took about 25 minutes to get inside to make our order.  There were plenty of choices, but you couldn’t tell what was on the menu until you got inside.  I avoided most of the dairy and went for a chocolate pecan pie.  As we stood in line, one of the kitchen staff was bringing out more items.  She was tossing them around very carelessly, knocking plates into each other and throwing label markers up without regard.  Why is she treating these Extraordinary Desserts with such disrespect?  It made me sad.

We found a table in a back corner on the patio.  They do a great job of making beautiful desserts and then you are sent to a dark patio.  Better lighting would really help boost the ambiance and allow you to enjoy your Extraordinary Desserts all the more.  Since I paid $10 for my one dessert, I wanted to get the full sensory experience.  Luckily a table nearby opened that had a beam of light directed at it so we grabbed it.

I was fresh off my incredibly yummy chocolate pecan pie recipe and was ready for another taste sensation.  Alas, something was up in the kitchen this night.  The chocolate pecan pie was rock hard on the outside.  I hit my spoon against the side and heard it whack without making a dent in the form.  So we dove for the middle, which was softer and slightly warm with rich molten chocolate and pecans.  Better, but is this what I waited 45 minutes and paid $10 to get?  Is this my Extraordinary Dessert?  I think not.

All in all, my experience was less than positive, but others are urging me to go back and try it again saying it is a great place with delicious food.  Did I just hit a bad night and order the wrong thing?  I’m all for second chances, but fool me once…

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