Drizzle Chocolate Like a Pro

Making desserts sometimes requires fancy toppings and lots of time.  Other times it means just making it look like it took a lot of time and effort.  The drizzle is one of the simple finishing touches you can add to many things to give it that extra something.  Find out how easy it can be to do this task with these simple methods below.  You don’t need fancy gadgets either 🙂

The Plastic Bag Method

    Scrape melted chocolate into a medium size plastic bag (doesn’t have to be zip lock).  Move the chocolate to one bottom corner.  To prevent drip, hold the bag chocolate side down and cut an opening in the opposite bottom corner.  The opening will guage the pour so a smaller cut will make a smaller line and give more control.  Turn the chocolate side up and squeeze the bag for a steady drizzle.

The Squeeze Bottle Method

    You’ll wonder how you got along without one once you start using it.  It gives you more control, is less messy and allows storage for leftovers.  Not much instruction here.  Melt your chocolate, place in bottle, replace cap and go!

With a little practice, you’ll be a pro at drizzling chocolate in no time and will feel like adding a little drizzle to everything.  This technique is not just for chocolate.  You can drizzle caramel over brownies, frosting on cupcakes and balsamic on ice cream.  Let your imagination run wild.  Buy chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and drizzle to your heart’s content.  Order now.

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