Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – Review

I was looking for a chocolate beer and my friend Tyler suggested Young’s Chocolate Stout.  He knows I’m all about chocolate and I know he’s all about beer so I immediately took his recommendation to heart.  This beer is made with a small amount of actual dark chocolate.  Yay!  Let’s see how it tastes 🙂

I think this is a gorgeous bottle.  It has a very eye-catching, royal purple label that contrasts beautifully with the amber hue of the beer bottle.  The silver and orange are very striking against it, too.  Good color choices.  After my last chocolate beer tasting experience, I let the beer warm up to about 65 degrees+ to enjoy the flavor more.  It takes patience, but hopefully will be worth the wait.  When poured, the beer has a nice thick head and is dark black, showing no light through the glass.  I smell chocolate and burnt caramel.  A good sign of things to come.

The taste is not surprising.  The flavor is a strong chocolate with a bit of sweet molasses and some bitter dark chocolate overtones.  The mouthfeel is full and smooth, rich and creamy…like a chocolate beer milk shake.  The carbonation is almost non-existent.  This beer does not smack you in the face with sweetness as one might expect a chocolate beer should.  It will pair well with some chocolate or chocolate inspired desserts.

What a wonderful beer.  Thank you, Tyler, for the recommendation!  Order some all natural chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates and savor this delicious beer today.

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

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