Tour de (South) France – Chocolate #2

So we are on our way back to our apartment from our first day out in the south of France.  It has been a long day of walking, climbing, pictures and soaking all the beauty in.  We decide to stop at a gas station to get a few things before heading home.  My fabulous boyfriend knows I am always looking for yummy chocolate so he is perusing all the chocolate items.  Many of the items have lactose, so they are out.  Or the ingredients just don’t cut it.

After a good 15 minutes of reading labels and checking ingredient lists he points to something that looks tasty.  My eyes widen.  Ooooh!  They are round waffles drenched on one side with dark chocolate.  Five to a pack, each about an inch-thick.  Ingredients?  All good.  No junk and no milk products.  Yay!!

After dinner, we discuss our plans for the next day.  Then I remember the waffles.  Time for dessert!  I break open the pack and smell a nice dark chocolate.  I put it in the microwave for a few seconds to heat the waffle and melt the chocolate.  Voila!  Just like homemade (lol).  One for me and one for my awesome man.  Now to taste…the warm waffle is thick and soft.  The melted chocolate is dark, not overly sweet.  The balance of flavors is nicely done.  You get chocolate with every bite, but don’t feel overwhelmed by one taste or the other.  How do you say yummy in French?

Since I haven’t found these delicious chocolate waffles in the USA and their website doesn’t help me one bit, I’ll have to make them myself.  Good thing I have a great selection of chocolate to choose from at Drexelius Chocolates.  Make your everyday recipes shine with truly fantastic chocolate.  Order now!

***Free Shipping on orders over $25***

Waffles for everyone! Be the first to know what’s up with all things chocolate.  Follow me @drexchocolates, subscribe to my feed or sign up for chocolate blog updates. ❤ forever.  And tell a friend because sharing is caring!

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4 Responses to Tour de (South) France – Chocolate #2

  1. Geni says:

    Chocolate dipped waffles?!!! Heaven!!! You lucky girl.

  2. They look so yummy. I wish I was there. Great time of year to be there when Its’s not to crowded.

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