Tour de (South) France – Chocolate #4

I didn’t just enjoy chocolate while in the south of France.  We visited Aix-en-Provence to enjoy their market day.  Vendors with cheese, meat, mushrooms, honey, scarves and more greeted us on this cool day.  Here are some photos from Aix:

All the chocolate I encountered was just a bonus 🙂  In the city of Cannes, we stumbled upon the most wonderful little chocolate shop called Jean Luc Pele that had everything from chocolate bars to intricate molded designs.  Their chocolate was very good, too!  We also found another chocolate shop that had all kinds of food made out of chocolate, including chocolate ravioli.

Jean Luc Pele - Cannes

Jean Luc Pele - nut bark


Yes, chocolate was all around me and I loved every minute of it!  The best part was that I didn’t research these places or things.  I just found them.  Gotta love travel.  Like my site says, I’m on a quest for incredible chocolate.  Thank you for riding along with me 🙂

Savor some of my delicious finds right now by ordering some chocolate from Drexelius Chocolates.  Take your taste buds on a journey to Yummyville!

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4 Responses to Tour de (South) France – Chocolate #4

  1. Hi Molly! Ravioli with chocolat and pate d’amonde? Are you kidding me? Sounds dreamy. Do you speak French?

  2. Hi Molly
    what a great trip. how was the nut bar? it has such a wonderful sheen and looks so yummy. the raviolis are so cool

    • The nut bar was super yum, but the chocolate was a bit on the hard side. You really needed a knife to break into it. I thought my teeth were going to break when I tried to take a bite 🙂 Still, the nuts were fresh and the chocolate was not overly sweet. Really a great treat.

      I didn’t get a chance to taste the ravioli, but they look great, huh? I’d love to see some of them on your site!

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